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Viticulture Club

An association of grape (wine) producers born out of the company’s commitment to the quality of its wines and to the sustainability within the Vinho Verde Wine Region.

Together for Quality

At the moment, the company gathers 35 members in its Viticulture Club with properties ranging from 5 hectares to 120 hectares. By being a part of this club, the members enjoy a range of free benefits like close support and monitoring of their vineyards and production by a specialized professional of our viticulture department, access to vineyard planning and management tools, support in vineyard operations, special discounts in products and much more. Producers belonging to Aveleda’s Viticulture Club have the guarantee of quality grapes and of a sustainable production of their vineyards.

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Join Aveleda’s Viticulture Club

If you are a grape producer within the Vinho Verde Wine Region and want to be a part of this club, please contact Pedro Prata (, Viticulture Club Responsible, for more information.

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