Img. Granite and clay soil profile


Growing innovation is more than a detail.

At Aveleda, innovating is a family tradition. Here, we mix the empirical knowledge in winegrowing acquired through the ages with the latest technology and techniques available. Each successful harvest is the product of the careful dedication we put into uncovering the secrets of our generous terroir that gives back in double the dedication and care we put into it.

Grapevine Life Cycle

Attention, Dedication, Passion

We have spoken of details. Details are key when talking about viticulture and winegrowing. Details decide the choice of the ideal place to plan a vineyard. Details require all our attention when monitoring and caring for individual parcels.

Img. Auxiliary plants in the vineyard

Or details from advanced disease prediction systems, to frequent maturation controls, to night harvesting, dictate the quality of a vintage. It’s a Passion. Because only passion deserves this degree of dedication.

A fruitful dedication

Less is more. In viticulture, less grapes per vine means more quality. Its knowledge transmitted to us by the earth and that Aveleda learned to pay attention. Here, in the Vinho Verde Wine Region, we dared to shorten the distance between rows and vines, and the fruit became better, superior and full of flavor.

Img. Viticulture Director, Pedro Barbosa

Or we dared to protect the soil to preserve the heat closer to the roots, and the vine responded, growing stronger, fuller and ripening faster, allowing us to harvest sooner before the equinox rains. In the vineyard, love and care translates to gratitude.

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