The women of Aveleda

08 Mar 2022 / Masters of Detail

To be part of the Aveleda family is to construct a dream that started more than 150 years ago. In a team with great ability to dream, several female faces stand out and, over the years, proved to be an important part of our history.

Today we honor these women. In different areas, all these women bring excellence to the work they perform and, often hidden behind processes or tools, these professionals make their work art. Find out a little more about each of them here: 

1. Maria José Moutinho, the master of the vineyard

The first contact that Maria José Moutinho had with the vineyard was in 1991, during her first internship at Quinta da Aveleda. One day, this vineyard would become an integral part of her life.

“Always in a world of men”, the current Viticulture Key Manager of Aveleda, joined the viticulture team in 2007. The countless hectares of vineyards require continuous dedication and only a true master of the vineyard is able to coordinate efforts towards a common goal: finish everything on time and guarantee the production of grapes that reflect the work and dedication of a team.

Maria José highlights in her journey the “daily learning that this house allows us” by sharing access to information and knowledge that is then applied to the small details. 

2. Carla Moura, the lover of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

From an early age, Carla Moura had a connection with wine on the family farm. When she arrived at Aveleda it was a re-encounter with those memories – “it was here that I knew I would be happy in the world of wines”.

In an area still dominated by men, being responsible for Enology makes Carla very proud. The organization, the rigorous method, and the attention to detail are characteristics that define her as a winemaker, but she considers that her purpose is greater:

“Wine represents memories, and sharing moments. It is these sensations that I want to share with the consumer of Aveleda wines, and this contributes to a successful harvest”.

3. Rita Ribeiro, determination in person

It is not by chance that Rita Ribeiro considers Aveleda as “a company that creates a connection to the family”, since, for as long as she can remember, her father has always worked here.

Currently, as Senior Operator in the production area, determination and rigor are central in her work, ensuring that nothing escapes. Perhaps, that's why the pen is her greatest ally to ensure that no detail is forgotten.

In addition to the determination that characterizes her, Rita is a team player and sees her evolution as a joint learning process – “seeing our work reflected in the success of what we do as a team is a stimulus to always go further”. That's how Rita feels to be part of the big Aveleda family.

4. Elisabete Ribeiro, the cornerstone in a sea of ​​challenges

Elisabete Ribeiro, Logistics Manager, started her career at Aveleda 12 years ago.

She is an experienced manager of the particularities and difficulties of the logistics area. Having already worked in several areas within this department, Elisabete is the cornerstone of a team of 15 people. She puts “passion and dedication” into everything she does, which makes her a source of inspiration for the team.

In an area where the pace is fast and the work extremely demanding, her objective is to guarantee and stimulate the focus and resilience of colleagues, in order to ensure that our wines arrive at the right place in the stipulated time. Her goal is to “do better every day”.

5. Sónia Antunes, the master of future flavours

Between well-studied steps, Sónia Antunes monitors and analyzes the development of new products in Aveleda's Innovation & Strategy department.

Naturally attracted by innovation and distinct products, also related to her course in Biological Engineering, Sónia loves to organize internal and market tests, to “test the senses and preferences of colleagues”.

A keen observer, she is always looking for new behaviours and new trends.

6. Marling Espejo, the shrewdness of negotiation

Aveleda is “a company that makes us fall in love with it”. As Export Manager of the commercial team, Marling Espejo transmits this passion to each client, because selling wines is also sharing emotions, stories, and experiences.

Between two mobile phones, and with clients in different time zones, she guarantees that it is essential to “always be contactable”, but the secret to a successful negotiation goes far beyond that.

Ambition and results orientation, combined with empathy and the ability to listen, makes Marling take the dream of a team across borders, on a passionate journey through our wines.

7. Renata Figueiredo, the host of details

Filled with wonderful details in every corner, Quinta da Aveleda is the perfect stage for big events, and Renata Figueiredo's touch makes them more special.

“Aveleda is nostalgia, memory, sharing…”

Sharing of the idyllic place and the wine produced here, Vinho Verde. As an Activity and Communication Assistant, her mission is to ensure that this magic is felt and fully appreciated by those who visit us.

In the Wine Tourism department, she considers that having the creative freedom to idealize the environment for each experience is fundamental - “the eyes also live”. However, Renata does not just dream with the perfect setting, she also ensures that all the details are meticulously thought out and executed to provide unique moments to those who pass by.

8. Patrícia Ribeiro, the artist of words

Effective communication depends on words that convey a clear message and engage the recipient. In Aveleda's digital ecosystem, we seek words to reflect the culmination of a long, delicate, and passionate process of producing great wines.

The magic of words is in charge of Patrícia Ribeiro, Social Media Manager at Aveleda since 2021. Always around creative dictionaries and books on the most varied topics, Patrícia mix words, Google algorithms, and specialized knowledge of the wine. It is not an easy task, but it is extremely attractive according to her “social media channels are a digital extension of the magic that is felt in Aveleda, where we show more about wines, about Quinta da Aveleda and about the birthplace of Vinho Verde.”

Along a century-old journey, passion, dedication, and mastery leave marks that result in unique wines and experiences, and that carry with them a little of great women.

Written by Aveleda

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