Aveleda Wines are vegan certified

10 Aug 2021 / News

It is with great pleasure, that we share with our partners, clients, and consumers that from the 2020 vintage our Aveleda wines have been certified with the Vegan Seal of the V-Label.

What is the V-Label?
The V-Label is the world’s recognized certification for high-quality vegan and vegetarian products. This means that all the processes of vinification post-harvest: fermentation, stabilization, filtering, fining and other winemaking procedures have been done according to the strict criteria and rules of EVU – European Vegetarian Union.

Consumer and Quality at the heart of our wines
This process for finding vegan alternatives to make our wines started as soon as we saw an increasing demand for vegan products by our consumers. We were eager to offer high quality wines to every consumer no matter his/her lifestyle.

Aveleda Vegan Certified Wines
  • Aveleda Loureiro 2020
  • Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho 2020
  • Aveleda Alvarinho 2020
  • Aveleda Solos de Xisto 2020
  • Aveleda Solos de Granito 2020
  • Aveleda Parcela do Convento 2020
  • Aveleda Parcela do Roseiral 2020

Written by Aveleda