Discover the differences between Loureiro and Alvarinho grape varieties

24 Apr 2024 / Did You Know?

When we look at the universe of Vinho Verde, there are two unavoidable grape varieties: the noble Loureiro and the distinctive Alvarinho. But what are the similarities and differences between the two? Find out more about these two emblematic grape varieties and enjoy a new experience when choosing your Vinho Verde.

Vinho Verde, the cradle of a unique demarcated region
It's impossible to talk about the Loureiro and Alvarinho grape varieties without mentioning the unique context in which they are grown: the Vinhos Verdes Demarcated Region. Originally demarcated in 1908, this region benefits from a privileged climate and a unique terroir, ideal for producing exceptional white wines. Situated in the north-west of Portugal, between the Douro and the Minho, this coastal region offers unique conditions for the ripening of the grapes, resulting in naturally light, fresh, and gastronomic wines.

Loureiro: the perfumed elegance of Vinho Verde
Originally from the Lima River valley, the Loureiro grape variety is one of the oldest and most recognized in the Vinho Verde region. Its grapes produce citrus-colored wines with a fruity character and hints of citrus and green apple. However, it is in the aroma that it reveals all its exuberance: a symphony of delicate floral notes, such as roses and jasmine, and a minty touch that refreshes the senses. Its versatility is evident, whether it's in fresh, fruity wines for day-to-day use, or in more complex, structured wines capable of ageing and which, over time, develop aromas of honey and beeswax.

Alvarinho: the intense nobility of Vinho Verde
Originating in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço, the Alvarinho grape variety is synonymous with distinction and quality. Its wines have an intense straw yellow color with citrus reflections, foreshadowing a complex and striking aroma. From fruits such as quince, peach, and pineapple to floral notes of orange blossom and violet, the Alvarinho variety reveals a rich and enveloping olfactory palette. In the mouth, its complexity manifests itself in a unique harmony, with mineral notes that emphasize its characteristic freshness. In addition, its ability to age in bottle gives it a remarkable evolution, revealing subtleties such as aromas of ripe orange, hazelnut, and honey, which further enrich the sensory experience.

Exploring Aveleda wines on a journey through the Vinho Verde region
Vinhos Verdes offer remarkable sensory experiences, as do the wines produced by Aveleda, namely Aveleda Alvarinho, Aveleda Loureiro and Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho:

·      Aveleda Alvarinho: Elegance and Complexity

Let's start with Aveleda Alvarinho, an aromatic, full wine with refreshing acidity. Its citrus color, with hints of gold, invites us on a journey through the senses. On the nose, it reveals an intense and balanced aroma, with delicate notes of grapefruit, orange leaf and white flowers. On the palate, balanced acidity is present, with notes of orange peel, pineapple, and orange blossom. An ode to the elegance and complexity of the Alvarinho grape variety.

·      Aveleda Loureiro: Perfume and Freshness

This is followed by Aveleda Loureiro, whose grapes, from this expressive variety, are harvested at the peak of their ripeness, giving rise to an aromatic, long wine with refreshing acidity. Its pale lime green color suggests freshness. The aroma reveals notes of elderflower and chamomile, with hints of lime leaf. On the palate, its softness and minerality are captivating, with fruity notes of melon and passion fruit, culminating in a lively, crisp finish. A fragrant and refreshing experience with the Loureiro grape variety.

·      Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho: Harmony and Uniqueness

Finally, Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho, Aveleda's most iconic blend. With carefully selected grapes from the two emblematic varieties of the Vinho Verde region, this wine invites you to discover a unique region. Its lemon-yellow color introduces an aromatic citrus explosion with hints of lime and a touch of elderflower. On the palate, its pungent freshness and well-balanced acidity captivate us, with a long, striking finish with notes of mandarin and mango. A symphonic fusion between the Loureiro and Alvarinho grape varieties.

The art of choosing the perfect wine
When choosing between a wine from the Loureiro variety and another from the Alvarinho variety, we are faced with two distinct but equally enchanting expressions of Vinho Verde. Whether it's the fragrant and vibrant freshness of Loureiro wines or the intense and complex nobility of Alvarinho wines. Aveleda wines, which reflect the unique essence of the Vinho Verde region, invite you to share moments that we are sure will stay in your memory! 

Written by Aveleda