150 years of Aveleda

150 years ago, following the dream of the company’s founder, Manoel Pedro Guedes, Quinta da Aveleda produced its first white wine. This wine was tasted by the main critics of the time, in Berlin and Paris, immediately gaining quality recognition with a gold and silver medal. From this point on, Aveleda was created, with a distinct wine, of great quality, appreciated by many, which today is distributed to more than 70 countries.

150 years of history

Img. 150 years of history

150 years later, Aveleda has many more dreams that have been accomplished. We have gathered 150 years of stories, starting with the success and joy that are at the base of the Casal Garcia brand, stories of innovation in our wine producing methods, in the way we care for our vines, of our people, our sustainable growth and how we have adapted to what nature has to offer over five generations. Learn about these stories, of our achievements, challenges and particular details that this company has created throughout 150 years.

CO-CEO’s Martim Guedes e António Guedes

Img. CO-CEO’s Martim Guedes e António Guedes

Family Message

A dream that lasts for 5 generations

"Being part of the generation that can celebrate 150 years of the company's history founded by our great-great-grandfather is something that makes us proud and motivated. We want to maintain and uphold the dream that Manoel Pedro Guedes had and continue to build on the bases he built so that the future of this house would be wine. Wine for us means the work of a group of people, from those who take care of the vineyard, the winery, the bottling lines, the gardens, those who take care of the image of our wines, ensure that they reach the whole world in the best conditions, and that tell the history of our wines to our customers and consumers. It is these people who make the dream of this house, of our great-great-grandfather, and all that followed, come true on a daily basis. We want to leave our testimony to the generations to come and to the people who choose Aveleda for the wine they have at their table, whether with family, friends, co-workers, for first dates, for life celebrations or achievements, for conversations reserved for intimacy or for parties with dozens of people. We want to celebrate this moment, mark it in time with this sharing of stories, projects and wines. And we want to leave a message of thanks to those who read us: thank you for being with us. Cheers to the next 150 years."