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Vinho Verde Wine Region

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A wine that is blended into the soul of this country. An earth calling that saw Camilo Castelo Branco e Eça de Queiroz fall in love with its rivers and mountains to create beautiful pieces of literature. From Minho to Douro, from the Atlantic ocean to the mountain range of Gerês and Marão, this region spreads across 9 different sub-regions that gather the ideal conditions to create a wine region that is completely unique and that wins the hearts of more and more consumers across the world.

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A family history that is rooted within the Region.

Everything started with the dream of a visionary, Manoel Pedro Guedes who, after moving to Quinta da Aveleda in Penafiel, planted the seeds of what later in the future was to become a demarcated region dedicated to the production of unique wines, the Vinho Verde Wine Region.

In 1870, Manoel Pedro Guedes produces one of the first wines of what was to become a renowned wine region, the iconic Quinta da Aveleda wine. Years later, he would also be the one to bring from Bordeaux the advanced techniques of grafting and the row training system for the vineyards, knowledge that would lead the future Region and its wines to success.

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