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Part of the Aveleda S.A DNA is to constantly improve as well as to abide by the values of ethics and exigency in everything the company does. The certifications and tight audits are a public statement of commitment to its consumers, partners and employees.

The company started the certification process in 2001 with its Management System obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate.

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Since 2008, Aveleda has adopted a very environmental management system in its commitment to sustainable agriculture and concern with environmental issues. Aveleda’s commitment to the environment led to the adoption of several procedures and policies in areas concerning: environmental performance evaluations, greenhouse gas management and related activities, measure and control of carbon footprint of products, environmental aspects of product design and labelling, among others, being certified with ISO 14001.

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To reinforce, the company’s commitment to the environment, new and better infrastructures and systems were created to ensure an optimal environmental performance: creating a recycling and residue park; substituting fossil fuel with natural gas; installing a hydrocarbon separator. Other projects were assessed and implemented like the “Vinho Verde life-cycle assessment by ISO 14040 reference”, “Carbon savings – analysis of carbon consumption of a vineyard” and “Water footprint in the production on Vinho Verde”.

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There are also several plans to improve our environmental performance, some of them already included in projects like the restructuring of the water supply systems and the energy saving plans among others.

Regarding food safety management, the group is more and more committed to a prevention and control strategy along the various processes of the value chain, allowing the company to identify and address waste, shortages and potential hazards in the production of wines, spirits and cheeses. This is another step towards quality consistency. In 2010, Aveleda S.A certified its food safety system with the EN NP ISO 22000:2005 and since 2012 its certified by the IFS (International Food Standard).

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In 2012, the Kaizen project was implemented within Processes & Operations to improve the company’s competitiveness and efficiency. It’s a company objective to promote and develop our knowledge and habilitations in renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable development and ecoefficiency. In 2014, as a result of this commitment, Aveleda S.A’s Energy Management System earned the ISO 50001 certificate.

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