Quinta D’Aguieira & Follies

Situated in one of the best terroirs of the north part of the Bairrada Wine Region, Quinta D’Aguieira is the materialization of commitment that the company has towards the Region of Bairrada and its potential to produce iconic high-quality wines.

Acquired in 1999 by the Guedes Family, the estate has 20 hectares that are exclusively dedicated to the production of fine wines and sparkling wines. These wines are internationally recognized and praised by the specialty publishers. The sparkling wine produced in the estate is made through the classic method and from the Chardonnay, Cerceal, Bical and Maria Gomes grape varieties. For the dry wines, the terroir produces better reds focusing on indigenous grapes and on international varieties that have a very particular expression in these soils like Cabernet Sauvignon.

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