Where Dreams Grow

27 Oct 2020 / 150 years

A new image, the same dream. In 2020 we celebrate the past, with our eyes set on the future. We celebrate 150 years of a story that began with the dream of Manoel Pedro Guedes: "The future of this house will be wine". And so it was. Dreaming is in our nature and the field of dreams is what we have most fertile. They give us a vision, make us think and leave us questioning. This is the nature of dreams, and ours grow every day. In celebrating its 150 harvests, Aveleda renewed its corporate image. The symbol at the top is a reinterpretation of the crown of the Guedes family coat of arms, which was part of the Aveleda logo for many years. The new signature emphasises cultivation and growth, the result of the umbilical relationship that Aveleda has always had with nature. Never forgetting "where", symbolised by the estate where it all began. 

Watch this video and see where dreams grow.

Aveleda - Where Dreams Grow

Written by Aveleda

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