Vineyard Ecosystem - a welcome, but elusive guest

10 Oct 2018 / Sustainability

Today, at Quinta da Aveleda, more specifically at our Raposeira vineyard, we found this elusive visitor, the European Toad. These toads are becoming more and more scarce among the lush vineyards of the Vinho Verde wine region: a fragile and constantly changing ecosystem causes these amphibians to disappear from the region (either dying or migrating). At Aveleda we strive to practice a low intervention viticulture, respecting and preserving the ecosystems where the vineyards are integrated, thus allowing us to grow healthier and more sustainable vineyards. The fact that this merry-little toad has graced us with his presence, shows that the surrounding ecosystems are in balance and that the endemic cicle and rhythm of Nature is being respected and preserved. So, welcome Mr. Toad!

Written by Aveleda

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