The People at Aveleda

22 Nov 2020 / 150 years

After 150 years, we know that the success of the company and the wines we produce is due to the people who work here, and who have worked at Aveleda. When we talk about a family business, we highlight the employees, who dedicate their time and expertise here, always with the intention of doing better, year after year. This continuous improvement ensures that the wines we produce to the world are genuine and the maximum expression of the region and terroir where they are produced, being Vinho Verde, Douro, Algarve or Bairrada. The adaptability of each person to the political, social, cultural and environmental changes that the world has faced in the last 150 years makes us feel even more proud of what we have achieved. It is time to stop and celebrate, and to thank those who are part of this family.

Written by Aveleda

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