Month of Camellias at Quinta da Aveleda

02 Mar 2022 / Events

In March, Aveleda's guided tours have a special focus on what is one of its main attractions: the camellia trees in bloom.

Enjoy and observe a unique collection of 94 species of camellias and some curiosities about these much-loved flowers that, at this time of year, paint the 8 hectares of historic gardens at Quinta da Aveleda with pinkish and reddish tones!

On this visit, you can also discover where the first camellia catalogs were made in Portugal and which are the most important exports for the culture of camellias in the world.

Plan your visit at Quinta da Aveleda and add a wine tasting session or lunch at Varanda do Roseiral. End this day with a visit to our store where you can buy not only wines and cheeses but also camellia scented soaps or sachets or books about these flowers.

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Written by Aveleda