Harvest 2020: Aveleda with an excellent vintage in sight

30 Sep 2020 / 150 years

It was in August that Aveleda started its 2020 harvest, with Villa Alvor – the group’s estate in the Algarve – opening the cellar doors first. It is a promising year, even with atypical conditions, with expectations of production increases in the several regions where the properties are located – Algarve, Vinhos Verdes and Bairrada. Douro is the only exception, with a visible decrease in production. Nonetheless, although it is still early to draw any conclusions, Aveleda is very confident on the quality of its 2020 wines. 

The Douro Region, where Aveleda owns Quinta Vale D. Maria, we expect lower production levels due to the adverse weather conditions at the end of grape maturation. According to Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (Wine and Grape Institute), the climate fluctuation in the summer – with heat waves striking at the end of July and later in September – lead to sunburn and dehydration of the grapes, with severe yield impacts.
Even so, the needles point to a superior quality of white, red and Port wines. Although the volumes are lower, the musts reveal a deep fruited and intense character.

In the Algarve, where the harvest first started, a yield increase is expected. The 2020 vintage already shows great quality, expressing the purity and unique character of the varieties that are grown there.

Bairrada showed a balanced production when compared to last year. The precision viticulture techniques here are the key to maintaining the expected 1,5kg of production per plant.

Last, but not least, the Vinho Verde region – where the company first set its roots – is setting a high standard for 2020. The high temperature amplitudes at the end of grape maturation allowed the Loureiro and Alvarinho varieties to achieve an excellent aromatic profile and concentration, generating very promising grape musts.

Although 2020 has been an atypical year, the expectations of sales on the national and international market keep rising: “The increase of our company’s sales, as well as the entire Vinhos Verdes region, comes as a result of the creative and dynamic spirit of this region. In this scenery of consistent sales growth, it is crucial that the Region keeps on investing in viticulture as the pillar of the improvement and differentiation of its products, never forgetting the sustainability of the entire production line. Thus, it is urgent that CVRVV, and its General Council, keep on supporting wine growers throughout the region with measures that will increase their earnings and allow them to invest in the future”, says António Guedes, Co-CEO of Aveleda.

Every year is a challenge, and this is the charm of our work. Creating wines with quality, consistency and that show their origin is our purpose, and therefore, respect for nature is essential. Accepting what nature offers us, in order to produce wines of excellence is fundamental year after year, vintage after vintage. 2020 forced us to be patient, to rethink the harvest with social distance, to redefine foot treading in the Douro valley and reschedule the delivery of the grapes in Vinho Verde. The constant heat accelerated the ripening of the grapes, and even more care was needed in their selection before entering the cellar. We are confident that our experience and technical team will produce the results expected by our consumers. The tasting of these wines will be the ultimate proof and will start in February 2021 with the first wines of Casal Garcia, in March 2021 with Villa Alvor and Aveleda, in 2022 with Quinta Vale D. Maria and in 2023 with Quinta da Aguieira.

Written by Aveleda

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