Aveleda Family - D. Purificação | Canteen Manager

09 Apr 2019 / Masters of Detail

Dona Maria da Purificação works at Quinta da Aveleda for 46 years and in the last 30 she has been responsible for feeding everyone that works here. With a wisdom that knows all to well the routines at Aveleda, Dona Purificação is responsible for all logistics and processes inside the company’s kitchens from meal planning to grocery shopping and task division. Always with a kind smile, she’s always able to fit in one, or two, last minute meal and she knows everyone’s “special requests”. With a true passion for what she does, Dona Purificação puts dedication and care onto every meal she plans and cooks and that is something you can clearly see in everyone’s smiles and thank you notes after each lunch.

Written by Aveleda