4 suggestions to pair spicy dishes with Vinho Verde

14 Jan 2022 / Food and Wine Pairing

If you are a fan of spicy food, this article is for you!

The International Hot and Spicy Food Day is celebrated on January 16th and Aveleda is here to suggest one of the best pairings for this food: Vinho Verde!

Choosing the right wine to pair with spicy food is not an easy task. Therefore, Aveleda prepared 4 suggestions that promise to enhance the most exotic flavours of these dishes and balance the sensation of heat with the freshness of Vinho Verde. Discover them here:

1. A classic pairing
Frango Piri-Piri is a typical portuguese dish, very present in our day-to-day choices. After roasting the chicken on the barbecue, we add piri-piri, a spicy sauce.

For this traditional dish, we recommend Aveleda Fonte White. Fruity, crunchy, and slightly gasified, this Vinho Verde is perfect to calm down the spicy sensation and enhance the succulence of the chicken.

2. An exuberant pairing
When we talk about spicy food, we cannot forget about curry, typical of Indian cuisine. As a suggestion, we selected the Prawn Curry, perfect to pair with Aveleda Loureiro. The aromatic exuberance of this Vinho Verde and its slightly sweetened profile pair perfectly with the creamy and spicy sauce of the curry and the light sweetness of the prawns. 

An exotic suggestion for the most daring palates!

3. A festive pairing
Mexican food has crossed borders and conquered fans all over the world. One of the most popular foods of this gastronomy is tacos. Easy and quick to prepare, they can be vegetarian, with meat or fish, pleasing all palates.

Our suggestion is spicy beef or pork tacos. For this dish, we suggest our Aveleda Loureiro e Alvarinho - the floral exuberance of Loureiro paired with the creaminess of Alvarinho, pairs perfectly with the savory and spicy flavours of this dish. 

A practical and delicious combination for the whole family!

4. A delicious combination
Among the many wonders that we can find in Italian cuisine, we end our list with the famous Penne all'Arrabiata. A delicious dish with a rich tomato and chili sauce for those who love spicy and like to dip their bread into their plate.

We recommend Aveleda Alvarinho for this dish. An elegant wine, rich in notes of passion fruit, grapefruit and white flowers, and full of minerality. Aromas that pair perfectly with the creamy texture and intense flavour of Arrabiata sauce. 

A powerful and tasty combination for the most daring palates!


Now the hardest part: choosing the best pairing to try over the weekend. Which will you choose?

Written by Aveleda